Friday, 6 February 2015

Uni and Mens shirt project

While most people at college are working on portfolios and going to interviews for universities, I'm there not having a single clue what I want to do after college because I have no clue what I'm good at and whether I even have a place in the fashion industry. I know what I enjoy,which is designing using Photoshop but constantly compare my designs to others in class and then think mine are rubbish. I  also have a keen interest in photography but never do anything about it. I can sit on the bus home and notice something that I think would make a beautiful photo but never go back and take one I  even have the equipment to take amazing photos but never took the time to learn which is something I want to start doing.I started taking a photography class at college and learnt about shutter speed and aperture which makes me want to take my cameras off auto and play around with these settings to get better photos which is something I know I need to do. 

I'm Currently working on a men shirt with the theme "New age warrior" we visited an air museum to get inspiration from war planes and also researching print designers like Orla Kiely.

 I then looked into different weapons used and was interested in bow and arrows and incorporated these into a designs. 

I'm currently working on the process of designing my final shirt and being to start printing on the fabric next week. 

Monday, 5 January 2015

Architectural Jacket Designs

My last unit at college was to design  a Jacket inspired by 3 buildings in Birmingham.

                  Selfridges                       The Cube                                The library                         The Cube                  

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Architectural Jacket


              I have recently just finished a project to design and create a jacket inspired from architecture. After researching designs on Pinterest and on-line It was obvious to see that they had big silhouettes and were very sculptural , this was something that was out of my comfort zone in designs as my designs tend to be very simple and minimalistic.  

The jacket had to take inspiration from one of three building in Birmingham these were the Selfridge's building,The library and The Cube. 

After creating mood boards for all three and creating designs on these building I choose the cube and after doing multiple designs in my sketch book I came up with my  final design. 

I wanted to use a check wool fabric for my jacket because i saw similarities between this pattern and the pattern seen on the cube, Then I wanted to add dekoboku cubes to the side of the sleeves. 

 My jacket without the cubes. 

I made a Dekoboku cube but before sewing it together i took the shapes seen of the cube building and used a pen knife to cut out the shapes on the plastic leather look fabric. So then when i put the cube together and then got a small light to put in the centre so the light shines through the cut out shapes a looked like this. 
Final Jacket on stand. 
Jacket on the model at the show.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Lace inspired Dress


Last year in my fashion course at college our first unit was to make a dress inspired by lace. To get some inspiration I first made a mood board with anything that either reminded me of lace or used lace to help stir up ideas.  

Then using this for inspiration I created multiple designs. 

 After picking my final design i went through the long process of making it so here is the chosen design with the finished garment. Even though my garment doesn't look like stereotypical lace as I wanted to think outside the box and took the idea of lace being "an opaque pattern on a transparent fabric." 

Saturday, 18 January 2014


Can I just say that I love Zara clothes to much! And there in the sale too which is even better!! 

Since I was younger I've always known that I've wanted to work in the fashion industries but I scratched out the idea of designing as I never could draw and I didn't think I was that imaginative but as a part of my college course I had to come up with a few design for a lace dress and I was so worried about my drawings and ideas so I decied that I would do it on photoshop and turns out I actually enjoyed it and it turned out okay and my teacher said so too so I'm so pleased with myself! So I learnt, don't ever think you can't do something until you try it! 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My holiday.

So again, I'm sorry that I haven't updated my blog in a while.
If I said I was busy I would be lying as I have mostly spent my summer holiday doing nothing. But more than a month ago I went on holiday to Rhodes a beautiful Greek island with my father. I loved just spending time on the back of the scooter exploring the island, it was a great place to think and to keep cool. (I wish I was able to ride my own scooter as my father has always owned Vespa's but I tried and crashed).

I wanted to share you guys some photos that I took while I was away. And I'm not a professional so the photos are not the greatest. 
 Took in a beautiful town called Lindos 
 Lindos town
 I was so happy that I finally tried the highly known Arizona green tea as they don t have any in the UK.
This was took on top of this really steep hill.
Rhodes town .

Thanks for reading