Saturday, 20 December 2014

Architectural Jacket


              I have recently just finished a project to design and create a jacket inspired from architecture. After researching designs on Pinterest and on-line It was obvious to see that they had big silhouettes and were very sculptural , this was something that was out of my comfort zone in designs as my designs tend to be very simple and minimalistic.  

The jacket had to take inspiration from one of three building in Birmingham these were the Selfridge's building,The library and The Cube. 

After creating mood boards for all three and creating designs on these building I choose the cube and after doing multiple designs in my sketch book I came up with my  final design. 

I wanted to use a check wool fabric for my jacket because i saw similarities between this pattern and the pattern seen on the cube, Then I wanted to add dekoboku cubes to the side of the sleeves. 

 My jacket without the cubes. 

I made a Dekoboku cube but before sewing it together i took the shapes seen of the cube building and used a pen knife to cut out the shapes on the plastic leather look fabric. So then when i put the cube together and then got a small light to put in the centre so the light shines through the cut out shapes a looked like this. 
Final Jacket on stand. 
Jacket on the model at the show.

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